Talking With Animals

The first time I recall trying to communicate intuitively with animals was at the age of 13. One day in early summer, my mother and I were visiting a friend of hers who lived in the hills above Malibu. We went out for a walk and I spotted a small herd of horses grazing not far off. My mother’s friend called them “wild ponies” that didn’t belong to anyone, and that many people had tried and failed to corral. I loved horses, so I wanted to get a closer look. She warned me that no one had been able to get near them as were extremely skittish. 

I don’t remember why I decided to do this, but I began beaming loving, calm thoughts to the herd of scraggly ponies. I walked a bit closer and then stood very still, letting my thoughts flow towards them. Slowly and cautiously, they began ambling towards me, and within a few minutes I was surrounded by their soft noses and gentle nickering. I greeted them in my mind and kept sending loving thoughts. I had the distinct sense that they were as curious about this quiet child in their field as I was about them, and that we were on the threshold of a rich conversation.

We stayed like that for a while in the warm sun, as they allowed me to share their space and pat their rough manes, until my mother came to look for me and shouted out. As one, the herd spun and ran.

From that moment, I knew that there was a way to “bridge the silence” between animals and humans. It’s been my privilege to speak to pets and other animals in my work. They never fail to impress me with their humor, awareness and wisdom, and it’s always fascinating to see life from their perspective. 

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We understand our pet’s personalities and quirks, and we love them like family. What if you could use your natural intuition to communicate with them in their universal language? It’s easy to learn and anyone can do it! The Animal Communication Workshop will teach you useful intuitive communication techniques, as well as effective energy balancing skills to soothe and comfort the animals in your life.

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Wendie Colter is a medical intuitive, master healer and animal communicator. For more information: / 1-877-433-6611