How to Avoid the New Year's Resolutions Trap

Here we are again at the start of brand new year! Typically, this is the time we think about the resolutions we made at the end of last year to see how we've done. This is also the time many of us look at our lists in dismay, realizing we didn't achieve many - if any - of our most desired goals. This can be such a frustrating exercise that some of us declare that we will never make new year's resolutions again! Sadly, this perspective can also lead us to not getting an inch closer to achieving what we really, truly want for ourselves and our lives. Please don't give up! There's another way to look at New Year's resolutions that can actually work for you.

Most of our frustrations come from failed expectations. Avoiding the pitfalls of over-expectation in our resolutions is not as hard as it might sound.

Try my two Resolution Rules below and see how you do at the end of 2015!

RULE #1: Set your goals for the year, then cut them in half. For example, if you want to lose 30 lbs, cut your goal to 15 lbs. If you want to hit the gym four times a week, cut your goal to two times. That may seem like "playing small", but I'd much rather you "play for the WIN"! Winning feels great and gives you extra incentive and feelings of accomplishment, which will give you the confidence boost to achieve even more. So, set a goal that feels achievable and go for that. Anything over that will be a bonus win, and if you reached your goal before the year is over - celebrate! And then set another goal. :-)

RULE #2: Set no more than 1 Major Goal for the year, and only 2 minor goals, maximum. Major goals are things that will take effort and energy over a long-ish period of time. For example: find a new job, lose weight, change your diet, stop drinking, start a new business, write a book, get fit, save money, start dating, etc. Minor goals are things you can achieve in about one weekend, or things that have an element of fun. For example: get a new hairstyle, spend more time with friends, clean out the garage, learn to draw, fix up the garden, etc.  So, take a look at the list of goals you made for Rule #1 - and choose!

For more helpful tools to make your New Year's Resolutions a reality - click here!

I know what you're thinking -- all of my goals are Major and I want to achieve ALL of them - NOW!!! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that that kind of thinking can lead to achieving NONE of your goals, because you'll likely fall right into feeling overwhelmed, which leads to failed expectations, which leads to frustration, and you're back where you started as the whole annual cycle begins again. There's no reason to set yourself up for that kind of defeat. Make 2015 the year you achieve what you really want in your life!

Once you you've chosen your one Major Goal and your minor goal for the year - it's time to create your To Do List. Allow yourself plenty of time to brainstorm on the steps to accomplish your goal, organize your tasks and then timeline them out. (For more info on how to do this in detail, check out THE LIFE REBOOT WORKSHOP. This fun, hands-on class shows you how to get aligned with all your goals and harness your energy to accomplish them.)

Wishing you joy, prosperity and lots of wins in 2015!