The 3 Biggest Myths That Stop You From Meditating

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There are lots of choices when it comes to meditation styles - it can be confusing! There's Mindfulness, Zen, TM, Kundalini, Qi Gong, Guided Meditation, and so many others. It's well documented that a regular meditation practice is extremely beneficial to our emotional and physical wellbeing, but many of us stop ourselves before we even get started - if we believe these three myths.

Myth #3: I Don’t Have Time

It’s been widely reported that people are working longer hours and taking fewer vacations than ever before. Add family and home obligations to the mix, and carving out time for a meditation practice in the course of a busy day may seem like a pipe dream. But, as the Mayo Clinic suggests, even a few minutes of a day of meditation can help exponentially in soothing jangled nerves and re-connecting you with inner balance.

My favorite way to grab a focused moment is what I call taking a quick “Bliss Break." I do this just before I get up from my desk to do another task, before going into a meeting (or after one) – or anytime I need it. Click here to learn how!

Myth #2: I’m Not Into That Spiritual, Woo-Woo Stuff

While it’s true that many of the well-known meditation methods originated from ancient spiritual traditions, there are modern, non-denominational options that don’t require a spiritual practice. Daily meditation offers valuable benefits for the mind, body and spirit - including boosting concentration, empowering your immune system, promoting quality sleep, connecting with inner wisdom and enhancing joy and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want more of that??

Myth #1: I Have To Stop My Thoughts?? No Way!


I have what the Buddhist tradition calls “monkey mind” – in other words, my active mind likes to jump around from thought to thought, the way a monkey will jump from one tree branch to another! I’ve personally never had long-term success with methods that teach what my mind just doesn't want to do. Voice-guided meditations are wonderful but are dependent on outside sources, from a recording or a teacher in a class for example, rather than from inner guidance which can be accessed at any time. So, how can those of us with active minds and full lives create and sustain a meditation practice that works?

The Power Of Meditation

Over my fifteen years of practicing and teaching meditation, I've developed a unique method that blends ancient, time-honored techniques with modern energy-focusing skills. Biofield Balance™ Meditation helps you bring mindful awareness and creative power into every area of your life. You can achieve the mind-body-spirit connection using an easy, non-denominational, chair-seated meditation for stress reduction, improved wellness, intuitive development, energy tune-ups, and release of outdated patterns. Learn to connect with your inner guidance to clarify and magnetize your goals and dreams for success, love, creativity and health. Experience the true power of meditation! Contact us for more info.

"Wendie is a fabulous teacher... I came out richer in soul and spirit than I have ever been...It was extremely profound... Thank you so much! " - Kim O., Tujunga, CA

"A deeper meditation than I've ever experienced before. I will use it forever." - Jenny H., Chicago, IL