Teaching Intuition

"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." - Dr. Jonas Salk

When I tell people I teach medical intuition, I usually receive a puzzled look and responses like, “Isn’t that something you’re born with?”; “How can you teach that in a class?”; and “I’ve always thought I had something like that…” My response is: We’re ALL born intuitive, and it’s a skill that can be developed - with the right teacher, of course! :-)

Just like a child who shows an aptitude for math, sports or drawing, many children show an aptitude for intuition. Unfortunately, we don’t yet live in a society that nurtures, or even acknowledges, this unique skill. Most intuitive children are thwarted in their natural abilities, or told their imaginations are running wild, or worse, get completely stifled. By the time an intuitive person grows up, their intuition is often either something they keep secret or have "turned off" in their awareness. Though intuition has been shrouded in mystery for most of human existence, instead it should be thought of as a natural human trait that we have intrinsically, and one that can be developed and trained - the same way you can learn how to draw a straight line or sing a scale of notes.

How Intuition Works

Almost everyone knows of a time when we were thinking about someone and had a feeling or just knew that person would call – and then they do! That’s your intuition at work. Mothers often say they can feel when their children need them – that’s also intuition in action. Lots of us play the Parking Spot Angel game, where we ask to be guided to the perfect parking place - and we always find a great one! When you start to notice, you’ll see there are many times we have our “meta” senses working for us – but we either don’t give it much thought, or consider it some kind of weird coincidence. Next time you get that feeling or sense of knowing – acknowledge it, and see what happens.

Intuition Into The Future

We are on the verge of a new experience of intuition. Many world and corporate leaders are developing mindful methods of leadership using more intuitive, or “right brain” ways to look at the big picture. The medical community is beginning to understand and incorporate energy medicine and integrative skills in ongoing wellness support. My Medical Intuitive Training students come from a broad range of disciplines - doctors, nurses and psychologists, to holistic professionals in acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy and energy work, as well as support professionals like health coaches, personal and corporate coaches. Medical intuition translates across the board and has limitless uses.

I’ve had the honor of teaching these unique and useful skills for nearly ten years. My Meta-Visual Assessments™ method and Biofield Balance™ energy medicine techniques will fine tune your natural abilities and take them to the next level. These wonderful skills not only work beautifully in a professional practice, but also help people immeasurably in everyday life.

I hope this has encouraged you to explore your natural intuition! Until next time – stay inspired!


P.S. The next Medical Intuitive Training is coming up soon - click here for more info!