Flashes Of Insight

"Knowing many things doesn't teach insight." - Heraclitus

People who identify as intuitive or empathic often experience deep insights about people, places, circumstances, life issues, and more. Sometimes these insights come in a “flash” of awareness or a sense of knowing, in a powerful image in the mind’s eye, or as a strong physical sensation or an emotional “hit.”

I call these wonderful, often profound, experiences “flashes of insight.” Flashes of insight, as powerful as they may be – are not a complete intuitive reading. 

The ability to manage a deliberate intuitive process is generated by our connection to our inner guidance. Gaining certainty and confidence in that connection takes instruction, patience and lots of practice. Just like learning a new language, learning to play an instrument, or learning any new skill – developing your intuition takes the same dedicated process.

One great way to start building your intuition is with a daily meditation practice. Meditation focuses awareness on the intuitive inner voice rather than the chatter of our minds, which prefer to analyze everything. Meditation teaches us to simply observe - a key element in enhancing intuition.

On the Guided Meditations page you’ll find the Energy Essentials™ Audio Series. This series will give you some basic energy techniques to help you remove blocks to connecting with your inner guidance.

I teach a unique meditation method in the Medical Intuitive Training that’s designed to help you expand those “flashes of insight” and develop your intuition into a useful skill that can be used every day. Medical Intuition is a practical skill set to help you get specific and detailed information - for yourself, for a client or patient, or for a loved one.

But, however you choose to build your intuition from "flashes" to a solid connection with your guidance - with patience, practice and positivity you’ll see your intuition expand and grow.

Until next time – stay inspired!