The "D-List"

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday. - Napoleon Hill

Last month we talked about how to set a goal that is worthy of your time and effort. I also showed you how to break a big goal down into smaller parts to create a realistic path forward. But, sometimes our To Do Lists can feel overwhelming. When that happens, I pull out my trusty "D-List"!

This list is designed to help you kick "overwhelm" to the curb and get on with creating what you really want. Take each of your To Do items and run it down the eight "D-List" points below. You may find creative solutions to the stickiest of your tasks.

The "D-List"

1. DO IT. Recent brain science studies tell us that spending even a few minutes on a task you want to complete will activate neurotransmitters for dopamine, which feels satisfying and increases motivation. How many items on your list can you do right now?

2. DUMP IT. What can you let go of? Do you really care about this, or does someone else care? Can you release your own or anyone else's expectations regarding this item? 

3. DEFER IT. Put it on the back-burner. Deferring something gives you freedom from worry, obsession or distraction.

4. DIVIDE IT. Break the item down into manageable pieces. (Check out W.O.R.T.H.Y. Goals™ from the February Blog!).

5. DUE DATE. Put a realistic, short term due date on the task.

6. DELEGATE IT. Can someone else handle it for you? Is there a service that can take care of it? What would be the cost vs. payoff if you paid someone to take care of this? (Payoffs include freedom, progress, peace of mind, etc.)

7. DISCUSS IT. Discussions are a way to create discovery and understanding. Is there someone you need to speak with about this item? Is someone else creating this item for you? Are you creating items for someone else's list?

8. DEAL WITH IT. Accept the situation as-is and what is so, right now. Renegotiate or revise the timing, as needed.

I hope you enjoy this task-busting technique! Until next time - stay inspired!