Energy Essentials™ Series: How To Connect With Your Inner Guidance

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. He who looks outside, dreams, he who looks inside, awakens." - Carl Jung

Most of us trust our gut feelings, our hunches, and a sense of “knowing,” on a daily basis. We don’t usually give that process much thought, or ask ourselves how we know what we “just know”. It’s something we often take for granted! Interestingly, though, when we don’t listen to that inner voice, we can sometimes find ourselves regretting decisions and wishing we’d paid more attention!

Professional intuitives cultivate that connection to our guidance not only in our work, but also to help us navigate through life, like a compass that always points us to True North. With focused attention, we can build and nurture a personal relationship to that inner wisdom, which is sometimes called the Higher Self or Higher Soul. 

Many empaths and energy workers refer to their guidance as angels, spiritual guides or the spirits of deceased relatives or ancestors. Those are powerful, special connections that are very helpful in supporting our greater good and powering up our healing work, but are not the same energy as our Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is the expanded part of the unique soul that is you, and it's directly connected to Universal Source. It’s a deeply loving and supportive energy. It speaks to us not only in those gut feelings and senses of “knowing” – but also in a quiet, loving voice that is there to guide us when we tune into it.

So, how do we learn to listen to our Higher Self? To help you connect, I've created another installment of the Energy Essentials™ Audio Series, How to Connect With Your Inner Guidance. If you haven’t yet listened to the previous recordings in the series: How to Ground Your Energy, How to Protect Your Energy and How To Release Energy for Emotional Balance – please listen to those recordings first before listening to this one, for a progression of techniques to help you build confidence and awareness in working with your own energy. Enjoy!

Until next time – stay inspired!