Let's Talk About Fear

"The opposite of love is fear." - Yoko Ono

Let's talk about fear. Fear is a perfect warning bell as it triggers the fight-or-flight response which releases a cascade of chemicals, emotions and energy, all designed to keep us safe and out of danger. But, how do we handle constant alarm bells triggered by current world events, stresses and anxieties, not to mention our own Facebook and Twitter feeds?

When fear and anxiety become overwhelming, or create a habitual way of viewing circumstances, or life in general, it can take a heavy toll on our 3rd Chakra. Located at the solar plexus, this chakra center is the energetic location of our personal power, self esteem and ability to manifest the kind of life and world we want. Feeling that we're at the mercy of outside influences does not help use our energy effectively. The good news is that it's not hard to rebuild and re-activate our 3rd Chakra with guided imagery and meditation. Given these changing and uncertain times, it's a good idea to keep our 3rd Chakra in top form in order to stay in the present moment through difficulty and turmoil.

I've created the next audio installment of the Energy Essentials™ series, titled "Your 3rd Chakra Power Center." This Guided Meditation will help you dial down the fear response and amp up your 3rd Chakra energy for access to more personal strength and self will. Click here to listen.

Until next time - be inspired!


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