Class Hours:
4 weekend Modules, Saturday/Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm (includes 1 hour lunch period)
3 Teleseminars, 1 hour and 20 minutes, dates TBD
12 documented practice hours

A. Description
This program focuses on medical intuition development and energy medicine to identify, assess and treat the root causes of body imbalances, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, using energy-based intuitive skills. The intention and purpose of this program is to learn and use these skills either as stand-alone techniques or as an enhancement or addition to any of the student’s existing or future modalities.

B. Organization
No prerequisites are required to attend Medical Intuitive Training Level 1. This program is a pre-requisite for Medical Intuitive Training Level 2 and Master Class programs.

The full program consists of a total of forty-eight (48) classroom hours, four (4) teleseminar hours, and twelve (12) documented practice hours. The program is presented in four (4) weekend Modules over a period of four (4) months; one (1) Module per month; twelve (12) hours per Module divided into six (6) hours per day, plus three (3) Teleseminars of 1 hour and 20 minutes each.

Students are required to submit documentation for twelve (12) hours of practice using the information taught in class, to be performed outside of the classroom.

Teleseminars via conference call will be held one weeknight per month between Modules 1, 2 and 3, time and date TBD. Students who are unable to attend may access a recording of the teleseminar posted online via website link. CE students who cannot attend the live teleseminar must review the recorded material and submit a written test to Instructor prior to the following Module.

A maximum of (1) missed Module or two (2) missed days can be made up in the next scheduled program. Any more missed days will require the student to transfer to the next scheduled program. Students who complete the full program can opt for one (1) Medical Intuitive Training Level 1 Certificate of Completion (“Medical Intuitive”) for their records, which will be presented at Module 4.

CE Requirements: Students must inform Director at registration if they wish to take the program for CEs. Students taking the program for CEs must complete all attendance, teleseminar and practice hours to receive CE certificates.

CA RN board recognizes thirty (30) minutes for every one (1) documented practice hour to be performed outside of the classroom. CA RN board – 58 CE’s. NCBTMB does not recognize offsite practice hours. NCBTMB – 52 CE’s.

C. Program Objectives
1.  Students will demonstrate the use and knowledge of medical intuition to identify and verbally describe specific areas of imbalance, illness and disease in the biofield and physical body.

2.  Students will demonstrate the use and knowledge of medical intuition to assess and evaluate the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual root causes and impacts of imbalance, illness and disease.  

3.  Students will demonstrate the use and knowledge of Biofield Balance™ energy healing techniques to treat imbalance, illness and disease in the biofield and physical body.

D. Program Topics
1.  Development of intuition and intuitive states
2.  Practitioner self-healing and energy balancing techniques
3.  Anatomy of the major chakra system
4.  Client healing techniques, aura and major chakra system
5.  Visual scanning of the major chakra system
6.  Trauma and energy pattern identification in the biofield
7.  Visual scanning of the nine major body systems
8.  Trauma and energy pattern identification in the physical body
9.  Cellular scanning
10.  Core pattern viewing techniques
11.  Distance healing techniques
12.  Energy hygiene for practitioner and workspace
13.  Medical Intuitive practitioner ethics and resources

E. Optional Text
Module 3 – “The Anatomy Coloring Book” by Wynn Kapit