Join your Medical Intuitive community for a series of "deep dives" into key topics to fully support your intuitive practice. The Master Intuitive program rounds out your education with a powerful set of courses for professional and personal life mastery.

Self Will & Free Will
Read the energy of leaders, gurus and groups, and the dominant thought-forms that influence them. Rehabilitate and strengthen the 3rd and 7th chakra centers for greater personal power and self actualization. Learn to identify and remove negative and debilitating energetic constructs. Meet your personal guides, ancestral counsel and spirit animals. Includes advanced karma clearing techniques, advanced Energy Defense, remote viewing skills and spiritual ethics. Prerequisite: Medical Intuitive Training Level 2 (Graduates who have completed Level 2 prior to 2017 are eligible for a review rate - Contact us for info!)

Self Will & Free Will Master Class
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Location: Live Online
Tuesday/Thursday - 6:00-9:00pm Pacific Time
Class 1: Tues. January 16
Class 2: Thurs. January 18
Class 3: Tues. January 23
Class 4: Thurs. January 25

Early Bird Rate ends January 4th!

Past Lives & Akashic Records
Read past lives to learn your deepest life lessons and how they affect your present day experience. Create Soul Path Evaluations viewing past lives, present life and potential futures. Visit the Akashic Records to review essential soul information that will assist you, and your clients, with personal growth and self-awareness. Access energetic blueprints for enhanced physical and energetic health and healing. Prerequisite: Medical Intuitive Training Level 1

• Location: LIVE ONLINE
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Energetic Prosperity
Powerful reading and healing techniques to release outdated beliefs and blocks to personal prosperity, creativity and success, for yourself and your clients. Create and support your professional intuitive practice with effective and proven heart-based marketing techniques that will focus your message, and magnetize your energy for greater abundance. Prerequisite: Medical Intuitive Training Level 1

• Location: LIVE ONLINE
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Relationships & DNA
Learn to read DNA information for inherited physical, mental and emotional conditions. Scan the messages encoded into our genes that hold ancestral traumas that can affect our lives today. Learn to read the energy of personal relationships, including parents, siblings, children, friends and family, as well as energetically balance karmic relationship "contracts" for deeper understanding and compassion. Prerequisite: Medical Intuitive Training Level 1

• Location: LIVE ONLINE
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