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Develop your natural intuition with Medical Intuitive Training! Medical Intuition offers a powerful skill set for fast, accurate health assessments and is a growing area of expertise for healthcare providers. Learn pinpoint visualization skills and in-depth intuitive scanning to identify the root causes of imbalance, illness and disease. Gain proven energy clearing tools with Biofield Balance Energy Healing™ for practitioner self-care, and to help your clients and patients reach their full potential for health and wellness. Medical Intuition provides a revolutionary new perspective in mind/body medicine, and can be used as stand-alone techniques or as a support to any integrative, functional, complementary/alternative, and holistic healthcare practice. No prerequisites or prior experience is necessary. We are now offering Live Online learning for the upcoming program for students outside of the San Diego area. Space is limited. See the FAQ or Contact us for more info.

This fast-track program is presented in four weekend modules with extensive in-class experience and coursework, plus three scheduled conference calls between modules. Certificate presented on completion. CE Credits: CA RN Board, 56 CEs for Nurses (CEP #16478); NCBTMB, 52 CEs for Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers (NCBTMB #365). Call for more information 1-877-433-6611

Medical Intuitive Training - Level 1 Certificate Program
4 Months - 
1 Weekend Intensive Per Month
Tuition: $1597  Early Bird rate: $1497 - Ends August 26th!

• Location: Pacific Pearl La Jolla, 6919 La Jolla Blvd, La Jolla, CA 92037
• Special rates for lodging available at Holiday Inn Express (one block from center). Contact us for info.
• Conference Calls TBD
• Module 1 is required attendance. See Los Angeles for page for Alternate Module 1 dates.
• LIVE ONLINE options may be available - see FAQ or Contact us.
• Missed classes can be made up at future scheduled dates. See FAQ for more info.
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• Review Rate available for Level 1 Graduates, with Instructor approval. Contact us for more info.

San Diego Program - 2017
Saturday/Sunday, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Module 1: September 9-10
Module 2: October 14-15
Module 3: November 4-5
Module 4: December 9-10

San Diego - Level 1
1,497.00 1,597.00
San Diego L1 - Deposit
San Diego L1 - Balance
1,247.00 1,347.00

"A great course that provides the tools for anyone to enhance their intuition." - Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM, President AIHM, Medical Director, Guarneri Integrative Health, Inc. at Pacific Pearl La Jolla

"Intuition is an integral part of advanced nursing practice. Research acknowledges its importance as a complementary skill to the knowledge and experience within the nursing role. Medical Intuitive Training provides the necessary foundation to develop, nurture and maximize the intuition skills that most nurses incorporate into their practice, as well as their lives." - Orna Avital, RN, Los Angeles, CA

"As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am now able to 'see' where the energy is blocked at the origins of my client's issues, and clear the stuck energy that's causing negative symptoms. I'm getting great feedback from my clients about sudden transformations in their lives." - Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D.

"Wendie is an excellent teacher who is dedicated to serving her students and the greater good. Knowing how to trust and engage our intuitive capacities may be the most important muscle we develop, be it for healing, growth or simply navigating life." - Lindya Geiger Ross, MA, CMT

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Level 1 Module Descriptions:

Module 1: Energy Anatomy and Intuitive Assessments

Learn the basics of Medical intuition including visual scanning and evaluation of the biofield and energy anatomy. Biofield Balance Energy Healing™ techniques include clearing energetic blocks, practitioner self-healing methods and energy hygiene. In-class practice and coursework.

Module 2: Major Energy Centers and Chronic Patterns
Learn to visually identify and evaluate unique energetic structures in the seven major energy centers, or chakras, that impact the body and the biofield, with an emphasis on the aspects of stuck or chronic issues. In-class practice and coursework.

Module 3: Energetic Structures in the Physical Anatomy
Medical Intuitive scanning of the major physical body systems. Learn to identify and evaluate energetic structures and patterns that correspond to illness, imbalance and disease. In-class practice and coursework. Textbook: The Anatomy Coloring Book or similar.

Module 4: Roots of Trauma in the Physical Anatomy
Medical Intuitive scanning of the major physical body systems continued, with a focus on the underlying traumas that impact the mind, body and spirit. Includes spiritual ethics for the energy practitioner. In-class practice and coursework. Textbook: The Anatomy Coloring Book or similar.

Conference Calls: Live conference calls are scheduled between Modules 1, 2 and 3. Additional program information will be presented during the calls. Audio will be posted online for students to review. 

Certificate presented on completion

Additional Study

Medical Intuitive Training Level 2
Continue your education and hone your skills in Medical Intuition and energy medicine with the Level 2 training. Click here for more information. Pre-requisite - Medical Intuitive Training Level 1 and Instructor approval. Certificate presented at completion.

Master Intuitive Program
Join your Medical Intuitive community for a series of "deep dives" into key topics to support your intuitive practice. The Master Intuitive program rounds out your education with a complete set of unique courses for professional intuitive and life mastery. Pre-requisite: Medical Intuitive TrainingClick here for more information.

Intuitive Clinic
The public is invited to receive readings from our talented student practitioners. Contact for more information.

Classes for the Public (no pre-requisites):
• Animal Communication
• Healing with Crystals & Gemstones
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