Medical Intuitive Training - Level 2 Advanced
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Advanced Medical Intuition and Healing for Practitioners

Continue your education and hone your skills in Medical Intuition and energy medicine with the Level 2 advanced training! Public Intuitive Clinics are included, giving students the opportunity to practice Medical Intuitive assessments in a structured, supportive setting.

The program is presented in four weekend modules with extensive in-class experience and coursework, plus three scheduled conference calls between modules. Certificate presented on completion. Pre-requisite: Medical Intuitive Training Level 1 and Instructor approval. CE Credits: CA RN Board, 58 CEs for Nurses (CEP# 16478); NCBTMB, 52 CEs for Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers (NCBTMB #365). Call for more information 1-877-433-6611

Medical Intuitive Training - Level 2 Certificate Program
4 Months - 1
Weekend Intensive Per Month
Tuition: $1597

LIVE ONLINE - February-May 2018, Dates TBD
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• Module 3 in-person option will be available
• Missed modules can be made up at future scheduled dates or alternate locations

• Conference Calls TBD
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• Tuition due in full by Module 1 start date. Payment plan: Contact us or call 1-877-433-6611
• Deposit is refundable minus administration fee. See FAQ for more info.
• Review Rate available for Level 2 Graduates, with Instructor approval. Contact us for more info.

Level 2 Module Descriptions

Module 1: Core Patterns in Root Trauma Points
Powerful energetic evaluations to identify the root causes and patterns of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas at the deepest origination points. Also covered, cellular reading for physical and environmental sensitivities, energetic "blood tests," and permission/resistance levels to healing. Recap of Level 1 skills and Intuitive Clinic public readings are included.

Module 2: Reading the Auric Field
The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body. The health of the aura determines our daily energetic balance and wellbeing. Learn to assess the layers of the aura, including aura color, symbols and their meanings. Includes practitioner self-healing techniques for aura clarity and greater intuitive awareness. Intuitive Clinic public readings are included.  

Module 3: Advanced Energy Healing
A complete weekend in advanced Biofield Balance Energy Healing™ techniques, including frequency healing, color healing, advanced distance healing skills, and healing with power archetypes. Intuitive Clinic public readings are included. Additional Certificate in Biofield Balance Energy Healing presented at completion of Module 3.

Module 4: Reading the Chakra System
Our chakra system is like a filing cabinet that stores our energetic and physical information. Learn to read the deepest information in the major chakra system with a focus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "files" in each chakra. Use unique energy templates to hone in on specific areas of imbalance. Advanced Energy Defense and Intuitive Clinic public readings are included.

Certificate presented at completion.